Salerno Accommodation

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As a major tourist destination, you have a large choice of options for Salerno
accommodation. Almost all of the major hotels and resorts in Salerno are
located right along the coastline with just about a 50 meter stroll to the

If you want to get away from the crowds but still want the luxury of a
resort, then you should head down the coast a bit.

There are also many smaller Salerno accommodations located in the heart of the
old town. These locations are ideal for visitors who plan on doing a lot of
sightseeing rather than just relaxing on the beach. In the old town and the
immediate surroundings, you will also find many bed and breakfast Salerno
accommodations. Though lacking the grandeur of the Salerno resorts, these bed
and breakfasts have a cozy feel and the home-style meals trump what even the
resort chefs are cooking up.

If you plan on spending more than a few days in Salerno and are renting a car,
then you might want to consider a holiday house. These are perfect for couples
or families and usually include full amenities. This type of Salerno
accommodation will give you a slice of local life while you relax in the
Italian coastal paradise.