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Salerno hotels offer luxury in this coastal slice of paradise. Unfortunately,
this often comes at a price. If you don’t mind going a bit off the main stretch
a bit, you can find great deals on Salerno hotels. One of the most popular
hotels in Salerno is the Hotel Olimpico.

It is only 50 meters from the sea but
you don’t even need to leave the grounds in order to relax. There is a pool and
an exquisite view of the sea right from the Salerno hotel. Hotel Olimpico also
has one of the kindest staff you will meet and full services like a free
shuttle system and breakfast included – all for about $100 a night for a double

The Novotel Salerno Est Arechi hotel in Salerno is a bit down from the city
center but makes up for this with its location right on the coast. The rooms
are spacious and have a clean, modern design to them. Considering that this is
a 4 star Salerno hotel, rooms are cheap at just about $100 per night. If you
would like a more spacious room (a rarity in Salerno hotels), then the Hotel
Centro Congressi Polo Nautico is a good choice. The Salerno hotel has its own
beach. You will enjoy eating dinner on the terrace in the restaurant which
offers fantastic views of the sea. The junior suites also have private terraces
with romantic views. Though a bit away from the old town area, there are many
nice places to stroll around the hotel.

The Hotel Villaggio Copacabana is more like your own private relaxation club
than a hotel. The rooms are set up apartment style on the sprawling, lush green
grounds complete with palm trees and a pool. Though not directly on the beach,
this Salerno hotel is just a short walk from the old town and beach.
Considering all that it offers, it is one of the most reasonable Salerno