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Salerno isn’t exactly a tourist location yet it has recently been put back on
the map of places to visit in Italy. Just about 30 miles from Naples, Salerno offers a completely different picture of Italy. Instead of a perfectly-preserved ancient city, Salerno is dominated by its large port and modern amenities.

However, Salerno is quickly becoming a destination for relaxation and indulging in Mediterranean charms.

Along the Salerno coast, visitors will find many luxurious hotels offering services like spas, fine dining and pampering. There are many terraced
restaurants where you can enjoy a gourmet Italian meal while looking out into the Mediterranean. Salerno’s Old Town recently has undergone a major facelift
making it now one of Europe’s most well preserved historical centers. You won’t want to miss the peaceful Salerno Cathedral or the Villa Communale, which is a
literal green oasis in the heart of the city.

While Salerno itself is worth seeing, most visitors come to the city because of its choice destination for day trips. It is just a short ride to visit the
impressive archeological site at Pompeii. With a car rental, visitors can head out to the Amalfi Coast which is one of the most stunning drives worldwide.